Zemalf, the master of X-Com

I can’t sleep and when I thought about what to do I remembered the unfinished post for this blog, this post. I have liked computer games as I remember, but I don’t have time and sometimes even mood for playing them these days. It’s coming in waves, like taste for books, taste for new projects and in this case, test for games. Usually I find some game, playing it for a few weeks and then I am going to have fun with something else. Maybe you have it same. Last two or three years I played for example Dishonored, WatchDogs, Factorio, Cities: Skylines, Starbound, Planetbase and maybe some others. But if you like games like me and don’t have a time like me, you will probably be comfortable even with gameplay on YouTube everyday before sleep.

Yeah I know, it’s for children, but let me show you one guy, who treats the game as a chess. He calls himself Zemalf and watching him playing is like watching a game opera. He has a YouTube channel with RPG and strategy gameplays. He was silent for a few months but now he came back with a new season of XCOM 2 Legend Ironman. Have you played the new X-Com? Last two weeks, everyday before I fell asleep I am watching this guy how he’s flawlessly (mostly) beating the game to the its end.

The “Ironman” means the hardest difficulty settings and for the player it means there is a very little space for a mistakes. You can see a few WTF moments in the last season and some really good moments of pure luck, but it’s mainly a good entertainment if you are too tired of Netflx or other pre-sleep activities.