Have you heard about Roští.cz? I don’t thing so, but trust me, it’s a hosting service, which was intended to be a greatest hosting service in Czechia. From the Internet perspective, Roští has a long history. It was my personal project from 2010 and here is a short story about what Roští.cz actually is. Here in Czechia, even in 2017, it’s not possible to host anything else than PHP code. If you want to write application in Node. »

Server side of this blog

Maybe it sounds strange but I don’t use my own services for hosting almost anything important I do. It’s not like I wouldn’t believe in my services, I use them for websites for my wife or my friends. I use them for its own web sites, but not for myself. It’s because I usually test a new approaches and new technologies every time it’s possible and I can’t do it with applications of other people and my applications are the best for this task, because I know how critical they are. »