Service and its price

I had pretty unpleasant phone call on Monday. One of application on our server had a trouble. It ate all RAM and the server froze. We couldn’t prevent this situation, because multiple applications share this server and the memory load was inside the Apache which is shared and it’s hard to find what is wrong exactly. But it’s not the interesting part. We are only servers provider and we don’t care much what users have on our servers. »

How to add another disk into the root of the encrypted Ubuntu

Manipulation with encrypted root (/) partition of your Ubuntu is not exactly a seamless task which you would like to do everyday. There is one special case which can’t be covered by standard documentation. You can find tutorials and documentation for expanding your root partition even when it’s encrypted, but in my case, I had to add a new hard drive to expand it with a new space. If you have installed your encrypted Ubuntu without any custom changes during the installation process, it is installed in LVM which is in encrypted partition of your hard drive. »

Zemalf, the master of X-Com

I can’t sleep and when I thought about what to do I remembered the unfinished post for this blog, this post. I have liked computer games as I remember, but I don’t have time and sometimes even mood for playing them these days. It’s coming in waves, like taste for books, taste for new projects and in this case, test for games. Usually I find some game, playing it for a few weeks and then I am going to have fun with something else. »

Have you checked your backup today?

This day is different from the others, because the World knows now that even service like GitLab doesn’t have a proper setup for backups. Usually you don’t need backups until you remove 300 gigabytes of a production data and that’s why it’s hard to make them right. There is very little space for mistakes. I am not enjoying this, I know how hard is to setup something like backup and there is no universal tutorial for this. »

How to care for Debian 6.0 Squeeze servers after the EOL

Long time ago, when Roští.cz was only a small project with a few customers, there was only one server which held everything. That server was pain in the ass from the beginning and the main reason is I tested there a lot of technologies and it means there is a lot of unnecessary stuff. At the beginning, it was a physical machine which was migrated into a virtual machine and the disk drive has been transformed from LVM layout into single partition layout. »